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Are you tempted to skip insurance to save some money? Follow these tips instead!

Compare your price of insurances

You have probably not missed that you can compare insurances using different online services, right? You are frequently exposed by ads for various comparison sites, but does it really work? Yes, it does, in most cases. What you gain by using a comparison site is the time it takes to get quotes from different insurance companies yourself. In the end you can get a lower price than if you were to take the first option you come across.

But it can be good to know that comparison sites do not have collaborations with all insurance companies and that there may be cheaper alternatives that don’t appear in the comparison. In addition, you may miss out on other unused discounts that are only offered outside the service, as it becomes a cost for insurance companies to sell their policies through the comparison sites.

Get your friends to sign home insurance

The Scandinavian insurance company Hedvig offers their customers to lower their own premium on home insurance if they invite friends. The concept is simple – you tell people you know about Hedvig and every time someone takes out a home insurance with your personal code, you get a 10 SEK discount on your monthly fee. Your invited friend also gets a 10 SEK discount, and you will keep the discount as long as you are a customer of Hedvig. If enough use your code, your monthly fee will eventually be 0 SEK.

Insurance is also important for students

Many students are not well equipped financially. Regardless of whether you are trying to get by on a student loan or working extra in your free time, it is important to keep a tight grip on your pennies, and avoid unnecessary consumption. But something you do need is insurance.

Ask yourself: can you afford to replace all your stuff – computer, TV, furniture, study literature, et cetera – with your own money if they are destroyed in a fire, for example? And what would it cost if, for example, you become seriously ill while you are traveling? The fact that you more or less must have an insurance does not mean that it has to be expensive. If you compare some of the most popular insurances, you can see that the price varies between a lot.

One of the most affordable insurances for students is offered by the insurance company Hedvig. Their home insurance covers most things you can think of – from electronics such as mobile phones, computers and televisions to being protected when travelling. The insurance is completely digital, and managed via a simple app.

Get discounts through memberships

Another advice is to check if you can get a discount on insurance by being a member of any association. It could be a benefit you have through your union or bank, who might have a collaboration with an insurance company. These discounts are usually permanent as long as you remain a member or customer of that organization.