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Do you want to create an environmentally friendly event? Many people do. If you are creating an event that talks about the environment and how to save it, you want to make sure that all parts of the event show that this is truly important to you. Otherwise, the guests might view it as if your event is contradicting its own standpoint, and that you don’t want. 

One small thing that you can do to make a difference in how your guests view your event is to have all things possible online. No unnecessary paper anywhere. Digital tickets, digital menu cards, digital seating cards, etc, you get the idea. Also, make sure that all parts of your decor are made from environmentally friendly materials. All parts of your event should go in line with the message that you want to send. Go all out to make a lasting impression.

For online ticketing and much else, you need a fitting platform to help you out. Magnet is a smart platform used by many event planners. It has several different features specially made for managing events with ease. Sell digital tickets, view guest lists, create marketing content for social media, send invites, and much more. You get a nice overview of the total revenue and can have control over all parts of the event planning through one tool. Manage things from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Magnet is user-friendly and perfect for both the professional event planner and the inexperienced one. It helps you get everything done in time and calms your nerves through total control. When you plan, organize, and structure properly, pretty much anything is possible. Creating an environmentally friendly event is easier when you have the right tool at hand. Read more about how to organize event on Magnet’s own website.